For the Gettysburg interns things are still pretty calm. So far we have gone through our general orientation with all the Heston interns. I must say I am very excited about the group and to see and hear what everyone is up to over the summer. I have moved into the house the Gettysburg students are living in for the summer and it seems like it is going to be a fun couple of months getting to know everyone in the house and sharing the space together.

Currently I’m at home until we start in the beginning of June. I’m excited to find out what exactly I’ll be doing with the Adam’s County Office of Aging (ACOFA). It’ll be different working there over the summer when there are no college students to coordinate like there are when I’m working with ACOFA during the year. I am definitely excited to see all the seniors this summer that I have gotten to know over the past year. For my work with GIV day, I’ve already been contacted by someone who’s staying in Gettysburg over the summer who wants to help out with it. I think it’s funny people want to help before I even know where to start! Overall I’m very curious and excited to get started and start figuring out my exact jobs this summer! I’m also looking forward to sharing the house and meals with my other interns and Sara Tower (since she’s living with us for her Mellon Grant). I know that the Uganda interns are currently journeying to Africa right now, so I hope they have safe travels and I can’t wait to hear about the start of their summer while I’m still waiting to start mine!

Gianina Galatro
Gettysburg Heston Intern