Greetings Gettysburgians!

We’ve had a busy couple of days down here in Africa, but I’m glad to
say that we’re finally all here, safe and sound. After flying into
Entebbe, Uganda, we spent two days in Kampala before hightailing it
down to Masaka. On the way we stopped at the equator to allow
ourselves a “touristy” moment before we settle into working for the
next two months.

There are fifteen interns working with the Masaka branch of FSD this
summer, five of which are from Gettysburg. We’re still training but
tomorrow we will be taken to our host families and Monday we go to our
respective internships. I’ll be working with Step Up Infant and
Primary School in Kitovu (say “Chi-toe-vue”), which is a five minute
drive from Masaka. If the kids are half as adorable and well-behaved
as the children we’ve met so far, it should be a GREAT summer!

At the moment though, we’re still getting into the swing of things.
We’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to learn the native
language, Luganda, and our “exam” was going to the local market to
bargain for our dinner. All in all, it was a success!

Some observations:
-The locals dress very well here… usually buttoned down shirts and
impeccably shined shoes! I’ve been wearing skirts and I still feel
-Eating times here are much different from those in the US…
Breakfast is typically served at nine, lunch at two, and dinner around
nine in the evening.
-Uganda is seven hours behind EST, which took some changing of our
sleep cycles. We about have it all figured out now, except when it
comes to making phone calls– I accidentally called my mom at four EST
this morning!

Peace and Mosquito Nets,
Lyndsie Guy