Hola from Nicaragua! Amanda, Marie and I arrived on Sunday and have spent the last few days getting to know the country. We were in Managua until this morning; now we´ve moved to Leon with our host families. On Monday we saw an active volcano, which was amazing. Despite our ideas that it would be an Aladdin-esque hole with lava jumping out, it was probably a good thing that we didn´t see actual lava. The signs at the top did, however, tell us to park our car facing towards the road for a quick exit in case of eruption. After that, we went to a market and looked at local crafts such as hammocks and pottery and drank batidos (milkshakes) made from very, very fresh fruit.

On Tuesday, I got to see more of what I will be doing on my project. I´m working with an organization called FUPROSOMUNIC. The organization has various projects in 14 communities; one is a solar oven project, one is a solar water purification project, another is a solar dryer which can be used to make dried fruit and other products to sell. On Tuesday we visited a bunch of the families who have solar ovens as a result of the project. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we didn´t get to see the ovens in action, but it was great to get a better idea of what I will be doing on my project. Tomorrow, when the director of my organization returns from Honduras, hopefully I´ll have an even better idea of exactly where I´ll be working.

The rain has put a bit of a damper (literally) on our adventures so far. We´ve had to change a few of our plans, but we´re making the most of it. We´re thinking about how exactly we can change some of the projects that were planned for next week in a community muy arriba (far up) in the mountains with a road that may be unpassable due to the rain. I´m very excited to start exploring Leon as soon as this tropical storm lets up!