Uganda is a wonderful place with beautiful people, even as the excitement and magic of the first weeks begins to wear off, i continue to find new things and meet individuals that have already had an impact on my life. At my work, Renewed efforts to alleviate poverty, our main focus right now is rainwater harvesting in underground tanks and we have hit the ground running. As of tuesday we have completed two tanks and will start our third of five tomorrow morning. This project is interesting to learn about and I will write more later as I learn more. I didn’t realize when I set out how long 2+ months could seem in a new world but I am enjoying (almost) every minute of it. My favorite experience and what coincidentally brings me the most frustration is meeting people with an education who can reflect on why their world is the way it is. That being said they dont curse their situation. It’s a beautiful country that can capture my gaze day or night. 360 degrees of green landscape and 360 degrees of stars. Im already gaining weight from the matooke that they nearly challenge us to eat and I walk most of it off in the heat on my 35-45 minute walk to work. I’m definitely rambling but my thoughts just get so scrambled when i try to pinpoint what I like most about Uganda. I cant upload pictures for the time being but I will as soon as Im able. It may still be too early to give a clear picture of this country and I may not be able to for years after I return. all I can do right now is embrace it and enjoy.My computer is about to die so I’ll end my thoughts here.

Tulabagone (see you later)
Jake Patton