This past week Katie, Marie, and I spent with a delegation from Gettysburg! They just left this morning and we had a great time! During the week we visited the beach and rode around a mangrove forest in a boat. We saw hundreds of crabs and had to duck under mangrove branches all the time! We spent time at Taller Xutialt and the group visited Katie and I in Monte Horet, where we’ve been making solar ovens. We celebrated Julie Ramseys birthday on Wednesday, with several songs and a big piece of cake! The week was a lot of fun, pictures to come!! Hope everyone made it safely home!
Katie and I recently finished building ten solar ovens in a community outside of Leon called Monte Horet. It was a very different experience than the first solar ovens workshop and the women there definitely learned a lot. The women receieving the solar ovens were a great group and very eager to learn and eventually be able to teach others. There were several issues between the different women but when they came each morning to build the ovens they worked well together. The ovens will be very useful to this community because the poverty here is much more than in Leon and other parts of Nicaragua. The people are living in houses made out of cardboard and plastic (not very useful to keep out rain) and they are cooking with wood burning stoves. The ovens will help them reduce the amount of wood they are burning and reduce the amount of smoke that it filling their houses every day.
My family in Leon is great and we’ve been having a great time. My host sister had a baby at the beginning of June so that’s brought a lot more excitement and a little stress to the family. A week after he was born, he had to go to the hospital for several nights because he was having trouble breathing. He got better quickly and everyone was very happy to have him back home!
Overall, this summer has gone by way to fast! I can’t believe we’re leaving in three weeks!! It feels like we just got here! This weekend Marie, Katie, and I are planning to hike Volcan Maderas, an active volcano on Isla de Ometepe. We can’t wait!
Hope everyone is having fun in Uganda and Gettysburg!!